Monday Movie Magic—Alien

I did it again. I said I wasn’t going to tackle my favorite movies because I can’t do them justice, and yet here I am again. It’s not my fault. Alien Day is Wednesday and I’m preparing! Alien Man this movie holds up. 38 years and it’s still as creepy and good as it was ... More »

Monday Movie Magic—Robocop

I think the danger of social media analytics is that you can actually SEE that no one is viewing your work, so I have to keep reminding myself that these are practice and not for “likes.” That being said, no one needs to comment, “I’d buy that for a dollar!!” because you’ll get my hopes ... More »

Creator Focus—Kristin Hackett

Week 4 here at Creator Focus and this week we’re talking with content creator and true-life Disney Princess, Kristin Hackett. Kristin’s background is in fashion but it’s probably fair to say her true passions lie in books and pop culture, Now that we’ve been friends for years, I can honestly there’s no one on the ... More »

Monday Movie Magic—Blade Runner

I promised myself I wouldn’t do any of my all-time favorite movies for this project, because this is an exercise I’m doing as practice and I knew I wouldn’t be able to do any of them justice. That’s why I didn’t start with Star Wars, Fargo, etc., but I had to watch this movie this ... More »

Go. Find balance.

No, I’m not about to drop some Mr. Miyagi-level knowledge on you. He was a maintenance man, remember? I’m also not going to write a listicle—10 Reasons You Need to be Backing Up Your WordPress Site, 7 Ways You Can Save Time on Maintenance, etc.—because you know all that. You already know that you should ... More »

Creator Focus—Adrienne Ciskey

I haven’t received any cease and desist letters, so this train rambles on! This week’s Creator Focus is on interdisciplinary artist, Adrienne Ciskey. Adrienne and I have always been nerdy, designer friends, but then she went back to school for something called a “Master’s degree,” won some sort of prestigious award for her thesis project, ... More »

Monday Movie Magic—Taken

Admittedly, the first two Monday Movie Magic choices were ones I had early inclinations of creating. This week’s was less so. I had to ask around for a few suggestions, but eventually came upon… Taken Forget the cliches that this movie has been spun into and just focus on what it is: a fast-paced action ... More »

Creator Focus—Melissa Kay

Back again with another Creator Focus, this time with biomedical illustrator and final girl, Melissa Kay. Melissa has been designing and drawing for years, but lately began to share more of her personal art, so I thought she would be a great person to talk to about her work. Not to mention, with the revival ... More »

Monday Movie Magic—The Big Lebowski

I’ve always found that the trouble with creating my own art is that I never know when to say when. Should I add one more element? Change that color tint just a bit? Tweak the layer transparency a little more? I suppose that’s the difference between amateurs and professionals, and the reason I’ll keep practicing. ... More »

Creator Focus—Ashley Hay

This week’s Creator Focus is on designer and illustrator, Ashley Hay. Ashley and I have been friends for years and when I thought about highlighting creators that inspire me, she was the first one that came to mind. I’ve been lucky to collaborate with her on a few projects in the past, but not nearly ... More »

Monday Movie Magic—The Matrix

Starting a new series here on the blog where I take a stab at redesigning the one sheets from some of my favorite movies. Not because I think I can do better than the original, but more as away for me to stay in practice and give them my own spin. So each week I’ll ... More »


Life comes at you fast. You know all the sayings. “Change is the law of life.” “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” And my personal favorite, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” All just fancy ways of saying that change happens, ... More »

Valentine’s Day

Christmas isn’t the only time I get ridiculous with geeky, pop culture puns…check out these Valentine’s Day cards from years past.... More »