Life comes at you fast.

You know all the sayings. “Change is the law of life.” “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” And my personal favorite, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

All just fancy ways of saying that change happens, get used to it.

Tough to hear when you’re a control freak. So here I am, writing a blog post about changes and what they mean to me.

So I turned myself to face me, but I’ve never caught a glimpse,
Of how the others must see the faker. I’m much too fast to take that test.

Changes are coming to 801red. More specifically, changes are coming for me. I can’t continue to grow my business with the “freelancer” mindset. It encourages small thinking and perpetuates a “one and done” philosophy and that’s just not who I am. I partner with clients and treat their projects with the same eagerness and enthusiasm as I do my own. When the project is finished, I like to follow up and check on their successes and see where improvements can be made, if at all.

I also partner with content creators. Writers, illustrators, other designers and developers. I feel like the term “freelancer” indicates that someone is a lone wolf, and even John McClane had help.

So what kinds of changes can you expect to see? Mostly just small changes in language and a more dedicated approach to the way I promote myself. I’m also starting a blog series next week where I’ll be interviewing some of the creators that inspire me. First up, designer and illustrator, Ashley Hay. Be sure to check all the social channels for that in the coming days.

So thank you to everyone who’s helped to support me along the way, and to those who will continue through all the changes to come.