Creator Focus—Mac Beauvais

I have not received any cease and desist letters so we push on! This week’s Creator Focus is actor, artist, cosplayer, and definitely not a werewolf, Mac Beauvais. I think the first time I met Mac she was dressed as a Classy Red Lantern, if that gives you any idea of her background. Nerdy cosplay + class + implied rage = Macadoo.

You’re amazingly creative and your work spans so many projects that I don’t even know where to start. What does it all mean? How did we get here?! AHHHH!! Sorry, less existentialist, more personal. What got you started in cosplay?

Cosplay was never something I set out to get involved with. I’d always loved an excuse to dress up, but it really came down to the fact that one Halloween I got very ambitious and decided to build a Poison Ivy costume. A pal of mine, Chrissy, saw it and asked if I wanted to join her in a Gotham City Sirens group the following year at Comic Con. I said yes, and here I am some six or seven years later still doing it.

Which is more common: You coming up with an idea for a character and finding someone to shoot, or a photographer coming up with an idea and asking you to create your version of a character?

At the end of the day, all of the costumes/cosplays get made because I want to do them. I’ve had a lot of pressure over the years to cosplay this character or that, but if I can’t connect to them on some level, I simply don’t do it. I’ve just been very fortunate to work with really talented photographers who enjoy the same things I do.

What’s your favorite cosplay that you’ve been able to do, and what made it special?

Poison Ivy is always going to be my number one. I’ve done a good five or so iterations of her, and I love them all for different reasons. But if I had to pick just one, it would be the steampunk version of her I created. I really let my imagination loose to define that character in a very different way and a ton of love went into it.

What cosplay have you always wanted to do?

This list could go on for a million miles, but if I had to pick right this second, I would say Galadriel (Fellowship of the Ring version). I have a thing for so many of the characters Cate Blanchett has portrayed on film, but that one has always struck me in a very particular way because it’s so simple but wonderfully elegant.

Which do you find more enjoyable, cosplay shoots or fashion shoots?

Honestly, it’s a little toh-mayto/toh-mahto for me. Even my fashion shoots have some sort of story to them, even if it’s just in my head. Rarely do I take photos just to take them. I have to find what makes me passionate about them and then throw everything I have behind it.

You recently started DMing RPG games. What’s it like to create those stories?

Oh man, DMing is so stressful but also so rewarding. The game I DM, Phoenix: Dawn Command, is a relatively new RPG system, and the first DM for it covered the book missions in our first season. So I have had to go completely off-book in addition to it being literally the first time I’ve run a campaign. As scary as that all is, it has really left me free to weave a complex story and drive meaningful character interactions. I am basically trying to tell the kind of story I’d want to experience as a player. I’m also so lucky to have a great table of players, a great Twitch family (Saving Throw), and the support of one of the game creators (Keith Baker).

AND you have a podcast with your husband called Disney Distilled. Would you say that writing for a podcast is more scripted or off-the-cuff?

For my part, Disney Distilled is completely off-the-cuff. My husband has to do the heavy lifting with the news topics we cover for each episode. All I have to do is mic up, drink, and say whatever I’m thinking as he runs me through all the latest Disney news. That’s half of the fun for the listeners though is that they’re getting raw reactions instead of us trying to craft them beforehand.

What kinds of projects are you working on now?

The shorter answer is what aren’t I working on? As of right now I’m still cosplaying, I’ve been working as an actor, I’m on a couple of Twitch networks (as a gamer and DM), I’m working on getting some of my writing published (fingers crossed), I’m a Tarot reader, I’m also working to get a webseries off the ground called Typecast.


And now the fun stuff.

Top three Stephen King books.

Man, give me a Sophie’s choice question why don’t you? Gun to my head I’m going to say ‘Needful Things’, ‘On Writing’, and ‘The Mist’.

Who is your favorite Transformer?

I suppose it would be Megatron because I kind of want to destroy all the Autobots too.

If your life were to be retold as a horror movie, who would direct and who would play the final girl?

In this scenario I imagine I’m probably the killer, so could I also be the final girl? (Twist!) It’d be great if we could bring Hitchcock back from the dead to direct and have Madeline Kahn also resurrected to play the killer/final girl. Strange combo, I know, but my life has been pretty bizarre to date.

Best Haunted Mansion ghost NOT named Madame Leota?

You’re killing me, Smalls. I’d have to go with The Bride, pre-projection update when she still had her mysterious beating heart.

And that’s it for this week’s Creator Focus! I hope everyone is enjoying reading them as much as I’m enjoying getting to know everyone a little more. My thanks to Mac for being so accommodating. It’s probably tough being a werewolf in LA.

I have a few more interviews set up for the coming weeks, but let me know on Twitter if you have someone you think I should talk to.

For more about Mac, find her online