Monday Movie Magic—The Big Lebowski

I’ve always found that the trouble with creating my own art is that I never know when to say when. Should I add one more element? Change that color tint just a bit? Tweak the layer transparency a little more? I suppose that’s the difference between amateurs and professionals, and the reason I’ll keep practicing. This week’s practice…

The Big Lebowski

Debates range as to which of the Coen Brothers’ masterpieces take first place. Just last week, Ashley ranked it as number three, behind Fargo and No Country for Old Men. While I agree that it falls behind Fargo, there’s something about the ridiculous nature of the entire thing that puts it ahead of No Country. Nihilists, naked Pollock art, Jackie Treehorn…and a tub marmot.

I used to do screenprinting in college, but it’s been so long ago that I *clearly* forgot how difficult it is to do color separations on photos. I don’t know if I spent more time on that, or on the typography. I tried to mimic the old neon-style bowling alley signs, along with a western feel. Too much?