Monday Movie Magic—Blade Runner

I promised myself I wouldn’t do any of my all-time favorite movies for this project, because this is an exercise I’m doing as practice and I knew I wouldn’t be able to do any of them justice. That’s why I didn’t start with Star Wars, Fargo, etc., but I had to watch this movie this week for research soooo…

Blade Runner

Color is the prominent feature in this piece and I wanted to mimic the color of Los Angeles 2019, but it was also a way to create the poster as an advertisement. “More human than human” isn’t just a White Zombie song, but it’s the slogan of the Tyrell Corporation and the central theme to the movie. And we know that Rachael is more human than human…but is Deckard?

To be fair, I still don’t think I did it justice. Maybe I’ll revisit it later.