Monday Movie Magic—Taken

Admittedly, the first two Monday Movie Magic choices were ones I had early inclinations of creating. This week’s was less so. I had to ask around for a few suggestions, but eventually came upon…


Forget the cliches that this movie has been spun into and just focus on what it is: a fast-paced action movie with a solid leading role. Sure, he might have been a terrible parent to have allowed so many things to have happened to his family that THREE movies were made, but give him a break. And yes, that’s Katie Cassidy as the irresponsible friend.

My initial thoughts on this design went *immediately* to Saul Bass meaning I guess I learned something in school after all. I’m not 100% sold on the phone cord, but I was trying to mimic the style of The Human Factor, as well as add in the frenetic nature of the phone call itself.