New year’s resolutions. Everyone makes them, hardly anyone keeps them. Lose a few pounds, get to the gym more, read more books; lately it’s even been things like “be more present” and “have less screen time.” All of those things are great, and more power to people who set them and stick with them. I have a few of my own—blog more often, for example.

But this isn’t about specific resolutions, per se. I want to talk about joy.

Joy is one of my favorite emotions. Everyone loves to feel joy, but I love to see it. My favorite sports moments are during the NCAA selection show when they cut to the schools that were on the bubble, and show the kids learning that they get to play in the tournament. Or the NFL draft when players get selected. Videos of soldiers coming home to surprise their families. And so forth.

I love to design and problem solve, so I’m making a point to do more of that this year. Even when there’s no more client work to do, I will spend more time designing things for ME, because that’s what brings me joy. Maybe more movie posters, maybe just a site where I can collect my thoughts. Maybe redesigning established logos, or updating client’s sites for fun. I also find peace and joy in nature, so I’ll be continuing to explore more this year as well. Feel free to follow along!!

So this year, when it comes time to make your resolutions, maybe instead of following what Planet Fitness or Goodreads tell you to do, my suggestion would be to follow your joy. Find the things that truly make you happy, and resolve to do more of that.