You know you need to maintain your website on a regular basis, but with the constantly updating plugins and changing technologies, who has the time?

That’s where 801red can help.

We’ve always been here to help you create your vision on the web, and now we also offer the capability of keeping it secure as well. We now offer maintenance packages to secure your website from attacks, keep it constantly updated, back it up on a regular basis, and even take care of the little things, all so you have more time to focus on your projects.

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Unlimited Support Tasks

Unlimited you say? Yep. Tasks are limited to those under 30 minutes each, but there’s no limit on how many of those tasks you can request. We can help with anything from content updates, theme or stylesheet adjustments, installing new plugins, configuring forms, etc.

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Expert-Level Assistance

Our people have been there and done that. We’re a US-based support staff who are just a click away from being able to help you out with any of your WordPress needs.

So sit back, relax, and let us worry about your site from now on. You have more important things do do, I’m sure. After all, the great American novel isn’t going to write itself.

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Security scans

Regularly scheduled security scans are conducted to make sure your site is secure. Most of our plans include clean-up if any problems are found.

WP plugin & core updates

When WP Core and plugin updates become available, we’ll make sure your site gets updated, complete with the latest security patches.

Daily site backups

We do database and file backups every day, and store them securely off-site. Need a site restored to a previous version? Just let us know.

Expert-Level Support

We’re your dedicated WordPress support team. Have a question or need advice? Ask away, we’re here to help!

Unlimited Tasks

Most subscription plans include an unlimited number of help requests of up to 30 minutes each. Longer tasks of up to 2 hours are available.


The options and complexities of e-commerce need specialized support. That’s why we have a dedicated plan just for WooCommerce sites.


Per Month
Per Month
Per Month


WP Core & Plugin Updates
Daily Off-Site Backups
Front-End Security Scans
Server-Side Security Scans
Malware Cleanup


Unlimited Support Tasks (30 mins each)


Batch WooCommerce Updates
Manual WooCommerce Updates & Testing

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