Welcome to the new 801red.

801red is a full-service visual communications firm located just outside Indianapolis, Indiana, specializing in marketing for individuals and small businesses who are looking for creative problem solving with simple, practical execution. With 20 years experience in the design and marketing fields, as well as extensive experience designing and developing websites, 801red is expertly positioned to provide a unique perspective to client projects.

From logos, to business cards, to front-end WordPress development, take a look at some of the ways we can help you.


For me, the planning stage is the most important in any project. Whether it’s deciding on functionality or laying out a site map, I believe in working smarter, not harder.


Design is more than just making pretty pictures, it’s where logic and creativity come together to solve problems. Design is a form of communication within itself.


Development is the final stage: where the rubber hits the road and where ideas become reality. It’s the combination of the planning and design stages where a piece of paper becomes something you can interact with.


Whether it’s WordPress core updates, plugin updates, site backups, security scans, or site maintenance, we can help you be worry free and and focus on running your business.

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