Creator Focus—Jill Pantozzi

Humming right along…eight weeks now! I can’t say they’ve been *consecutive* but who’s counting? I mean really, is there anyone counting? What else are they saying about me? Jill, do you know? Jill and I have been friends for over seven years at this point so she understands my level of crazy. And with her ... More »

Creator Focus—Marlene

Someday this whole Creator Focus thing will catch on and people will reminisce with pride about being some of the first readers. Or more likely, when these fabulous creators blow up and become even MORE popular, I can brag about knowing them and be able to show proof. This week’s proof? Marlene, aka ILikeComicsToo! Long ... More »

Creator Focus—Mac Beauvais

I have not received any cease and desist letters so we push on! This week’s Creator Focus is actor, artist, cosplayer, and definitely not a werewolf, Mac Beauvais. I think the first time I met Mac she was dressed as a Classy Red Lantern, if that gives you any idea of her background. Nerdy cosplay ... More »

Creator Focus—Zach Eccles

After a few weeks off, we’re back with a new Creator Focus! This week’s target…err…focus, is my metaphorical big brother, and budding writer, Zach Eccles. I know we’ve talked about it before, but what made you decide to write a book? Well, first we need to clean up that intro. I hope the metaphorical tag ... More »

Creator Focus—Kristin Hackett

Week 4 here at Creator Focus and this week we’re talking with content creator and true-life Disney Princess, Kristin Hackett. Kristin’s background is in fashion but it’s probably fair to say her true passions lie in books and pop culture, Now that we’ve been friends for years, I can honestly there’s no one on the ... More »

Creator Focus—Adrienne Ciskey

I haven’t received any cease and desist letters, so this train rambles on! This week’s Creator Focus is on interdisciplinary artist, Adrienne Ciskey. Adrienne and I have always been nerdy, designer friends, but then she went back to school for something called a “Master’s degree,” won some sort of prestigious award for her thesis project, ... More »

Creator Focus—Melissa Kay

Back again with another Creator Focus, this time with biomedical illustrator and final girl, Melissa Kay. Melissa has been designing and drawing for years, but lately began to share more of her personal art, so I thought she would be a great person to talk to about her work. Not to mention, with the revival ... More »

Creator Focus—Ashley Hay

This week’s Creator Focus is on designer and illustrator, Ashley Hay. Ashley and I have been friends for years and when I thought about highlighting creators that inspire me, she was the first one that came to mind. I’ve been lucky to collaborate with her on a few projects in the past, but not nearly ... More »