The new WordPress 5.0 is almost here!

As I’ve mentioned in previous emails, big changes are coming to your website! It was announced Monday that the newest version of WordPress—nicknamed Gutenberg—will be rolling out tomorrow. What is Gutenberg? If you’re not aware of all the changes going on behind the scenes, one of the big innovations for WordPress will be the rollout ... More »

3 Ways You Didn’t Know Maintenance Plans Could Help You Be More Productive

Everyone knows that most maintenance plans offer daily site backups, plugin updates, and core WordPress updates, but I bet you didn’t know that the Gold maintenance plans offer unlimited support tasks! What kind of things does that cover? 1. Adding new posts Maybe you’re a better writer when using Word. Maybe you’re uncomfortable using WordPress. ... More »

Go. Find balance.

No, I’m not about to drop some Mr. Miyagi-level knowledge on you. He was a maintenance man, remember? I’m also not going to write a listicle—10 Reasons You Need to be Backing Up Your WordPress Site, 7 Ways You Can Save Time on Maintenance, etc.—because you know all that. You already know that you should ... More »